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Obstetrics and Gynecology


Our Services

 We offer a full range of OB/GYN services to patients of all ages including:

- Routine and high-risk Obstetrical care and delivery;

- Contraception and female sterilization;

- Major and minor GYN surgery (abdominal, vaginal, and laparoscopic);

- Management of Abnormal Pap tests;

- Management of menopause and Female Hormone Replacement;

- Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological infections (including STDs);

- Libido and hormonal disorders (including PMS);

- Infertility and repeated pregnancy loss;

- All other aspects of general OB/GYN practice;

 100% of patient care is provided by Dr. Thomas; we do not rely upon PAs, APRNs or other nonphysicians to care for our patients.